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 [FACTS] about Kyuhyun

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PostSubject: [FACTS] about Kyuhyun   Sun Aug 15, 2010 11:20 pm

1.His family consist of his parent and an older sister. His father is the Country's Revision/Review Association Chairman.

2.The whole family dotes on him a lot but is very strict towards his sister.

3.When he was 16/17 he joined the 'Buddy Star Contest' and he came in 3rd!

4. The other members, kangin, have told him before 'You should listen to your Hyung*!' when Kyuhyun is in the 'rebellious' mode

5.He admit that he will snore loudly and even drool when he sleeps!

6.He wanted to cook for his Hyungs but he added too much water and the taste became too bland and that is how the 'HanGeng Ramen' became famous!

7.Kyuhyun isn't good at cooking; when he tried to fried some ham even though Kangin reminded him, he added sesame oil instead of Cooking oil.

8.The maknae* said that children hang their socks at their bed fronts on Christmas Eve to wait for Santa's present but because he wanted a bigger present for himself, he hang His PANTS at the bed front instead.

9. Some of the game, GaemGyu* play are : 'Thousand Years', 'Starcraft', 'Diablo', 'Sudden Attack' and many more!

10. He especially loves gelato, and his favourite brand is Doublesice

11. He has a glib tongue which no one can beat! Even KangIn can't Handle him!

12.He is the Super Junior version of Kim Gura*

13. His motto is "Not listen to the others"

14. He says that when he sleeps, he snores really loudly and he’ll even drool!

15. Both of magnae from Super Junior (Kyuhyun) and 2PM (Chansung) are 1 of the heaviest drinker from each group.

16. Kyuhyun’s female partner in GAME is SNSD Sunny

17. One of Kyuhyun’s favorite song in Super Junior 4th Album is “Shake It Up”. He always sing that song in the car

18. At the same time, Kyuhyun said “Teuki hyung doesn’t like me” while he was crying to Ryeowook

19. When Kyuhyun just joined SJ, he has no bed of his own & only share with Sungmin

20.Kyuhyun keeps joking about it (bed issue) and saying he doesn’t have one because he’s the magnae

21. Among SJ-M member, Kyuhyun is the one who really bad for writing “Pinyin” (Chinese) [Same!><]

22. Kyuhyun’s first kiss was with his hoobae* in his 2nd year highschool

23. :Kyuhyun never called Ryeowook and Kibum by “Hyung

24. There are 10 hyungs and 2 chingus* for me in Super Junior

25. Kyuhyun felt very happy and lucky when he heard Super Junior’s “Disco Drive”. Since that, that became his favorite one

Hyung* means elder brother in Korea but but.. only younger brother call elder brother 'Hyung'

Maknae* means the youngest!Very Happy

GaemGyu* is the name of Kyuhyun Twitter account!Very Happy

Hoobae* means Junior

Chingu* means Friend/friends

Credits: superjunioralways.tumblr
Re-uploaded: Corine @13elievesg.board-directory.net/
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[FACTS] about Kyuhyun
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