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 [FACTS] about HanGeng/HanKyung

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PostSubject: [FACTS] about HanGeng/HanKyung   Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:20 am

Fact no 1: Hangeng is using a black iphone

Fact no 2: Hangeng stays in a rented apartment in Beijing

Fact no 3: He can understand korean language, but too hard to talk with korean language.

Fact no 4: He sleeps in one bed with Heechul

Fact no 5: He’s always cook egg fried rice for members, but someday he wrong-spelled it : Beijing Fried Rice.

Fact no 6:when Chul back from hospital after accident, Hangeng help him, carrying his luggage and many more

Fact no 7: Hangeng doesn’t like candies, junk food and snacks

Fact no 8: Hangeng has a dimsum restaurant in Beijing, China

Fact no 9:Hangeng always shared room with Heechul from pre-debut until December 2009

Fact no 10:he also has a milkshake cafe in Americ, name Hangeng Milkshake.

Fact no 11: he can’t reject his dongsaeng’s requests

Fact no 12: his dream is SJ comes to his solo concert if they have time.

Fact no 13: he doesn’t like spicy food

Fact No 14: Hankyung worked with many famous music producers , Yuan Wei Ren and Fang Wen Shan worked together for to produce a song

Fact No 15 :Hankyung is an ambassador for the Great Wall of China and a volunteer ambassador for the Shanghai World Expo .

Fact No 16 :Hankyung’s album[Geng Xin] consists of different genres like dance theme, R&B , jazz , and folk songs.

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Re-uploaded: Corine@ 13elievesg.board-directory.net
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[FACTS] about HanGeng/HanKyung
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